Welcome to the world of Mike James


“Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?” *

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Mike James

Mike has been self-employed since 2000, with his main job helping companies solve their people related challenges.

For years he traveled as a professional speaker. Being a road warrior was one of the inspirations to stay home and write. In addition to professional speaking and writing novels, Mike does executive recruiting. He also provides companies with occupational-related psychological assessments as an authorized business partner with a large international business assessment tool developer.

All his life, Mike has had a crazy imagination and now possesses all the unsettling humor of an unfunny clown. He readily admits that his younger, taller, brother is funnier and his older, taller brother has much better comedic timing.

So, to the chagrin of his family, which includes a daughter and two grandkids who make up the grand-posse, Michael is now inflicting the world with his mad inventiveness through the written word.

Note to the citizens of planet earth: it’s not our fault. We tried to stop him.



  • 1966 Lyrics by Paul McCartney in the song, Paperback Writer

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